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This is your main landing page when you login. It will show you the "featured staff profiles" and "New Entrants" (the latest staff to register on the website). We haven't implemented any "featured" profiles so the system is randomly featuring profiles for you at this time.

My Card

This is what staff searching for a church will see when they click on your church. It includes all the information you filled out in your profile.

Edit My Profile

Click on this tab to review and edit your profile information.


This feature allows you to send a private message to another user on the system. It will result in an email being sent to the user notifying them they have received a message on the system. Unless you know the user is actively checking for messages on BaptistConnections, this is not a reliable way to contact staff on the system, we recommend using the contact information provided in the user's profile. You can check a box in your profile to prevent the system from sending you any emails.


The search feature is one of the backbone features of this system. This enables you to help look for staff that have registered on the system looking for church positiions. The following are the suggested search parameters:

My Account

Here you can do the following functions: